Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory

Teacher and author, Dr. David McLennon, once wrote about his very first job in a small town general store. At age thirteen he was hired as a handy boy. He would sweep the flour, bag items for customers, put up stock. One Saturday, he heard the owner say to one of the clerks “It’s that time of the year again, it’s time to take inventory.” Now that was not a word that entered into his vocabulary yet. So, he went up to the kindly older man and asked, “Sir, what is an inventory?” Patiently the owner explained that it was a time when you made a list of everything that you had–from groceries on the shelves to wrapping paper and string. Still somewhat confused, McLennon asked the owner why? “Well,” he responded, “it is easy to forget exactly how much you have each year. Every now and then you have to take an inventory just to see what all you have.”

This little story raises the question for us: Have I taken inventory of my life lately? Have I made an effort to count all those positive things I have in my life?

So often we are apt to complain about the challenges we face or about what we are lacking. What if instead, from time to time, we sat down to list the gifts, blessings and opportunities God has given us. It seems to me that this would be a great exercise especially when we are in a mood to whine or wallow in self-pity.

It is easy to forget just how much we have. Every now and then, let’s take inventory.

Let us pray: You are good, O God, and you have been good to us. As we make our lists, may your peace rest on us. And may we remember again that we are blessed to be a blessing. Amen.

Joe Albright

Daily Message Author: Joe Albright

Joe began his ministry in Sarasota, Florida as an associate pastor, and it was in this capacity that he worked alongside the Reverend Dr. Roger Kunkel. Roger was a colleague who became a mentor and treasured friend. From Sarasota, Joe was called to Jacksonville, Florida where he served as the Head of Staff at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church. Currently, Joe and his family worship and serve at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Switzerland, Florida. Full Bio