New Trustee Chuck holmes with Chair Annie Jones

March 2014 Newsletter

Planting a Seed

New Trustee Chuck holmes with Chair Annie JonesNew Trustee Chuck Holmes with Chair Annie Jones

New Trustee of our Dial Hope Foundation, Chuck Holmes, recently shared a small story with big repercussions at a board meeting. He and Roger Kunkel were fast friends. They enjoyed sharing hamburgers and chocolate sundaes, humorous stories, and long philosophical talks. Roger was always there to support Chuck in his times of need, and Chuck reciprocated the support when Roger was in need. Their friendship was an exceedingly close one.

When Roger launched his Dial Hope ministry in Sarasota in September of 2000, Chuck became one of the ministry’s greatest advocates. He believed in Roger, he believed in the ministry.

Over the years Chuck made a major decision. Always a generous supporter of causes in which he believed, Chuck contacted his attorney. He said that at the time of his death he would like a portion of his funds to go to the Dial Hope Foundation.

By creating this planned gift with his attorney, Chuck is sowing seeds for our Dial Hope ministry. He is looking to the future of expanding our ripples of hope throughout the world.

We would encourage our Dial Hope supporters to consider following Chuck’s lead. Planned gifts can be established in a variety of ways and legal counsel can guide you through determining which venue would be best suited to you and to the recipient of your funds.

We thank you, Chuck, for planting the seed of this idea with Dial Hope. We are blessed to have you serving as a new Trustee, and look forward to your involvement in our Foundation.

Pastor Eric Wogen

Retired Pastor Eric Wogen is one of the Trustees who participates in Dial Hope’s newly created Speakers’ Bureau. Retired from the St. Armand’s Lutheran Church in Sarasota, Eric shares great warmth and enthusiasm when making presentations within the community to expand the awareness of our Dial Hope ministry.

Please let us know if you would like to draw upon our Speakers’ Bureau to make a Dial Hope presentation to your church, retirement home, hospital or other organizations. Contact our Operations Manager, Stephie Safford, at to arrange a date and time.

A Special Story of Inspiration

Shortly after I signed up to receive Dial Hope’s daily message via email, my grandson, who was in Army Basic Training, severely injured his knee. His injury would not allow him to continue Basic Training, ultimately leading to his Honorable Discharge…but not for another 8 weeks. During that time he experienced disappointment and was feeling pretty low, not really sure of what to do next. Since I had served 33 years in the Navy, I knew he needed encouragement and inspiration at this point. So I started forwarding every Dial Hope daily email to him. Shortly thereafter he started reading the Bible and going to worship services on the post. He was only allowed to have his iPhone on weekends, so each weekend he would read all the Dial Hope emails I sent him. Within 4 weeks he told his Mom during a phone call that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior!

When she shared that wonderful news with us, we praised God, and thanked Him for our grandson’s conversion, knowing that Dial Hope played a vital part in his

~ Capt. Don Peters, USN (Retired)


Guest Pastors

In March, Guest Pastor Phil Blackburn will be sharing a Dial Hope message on three different days. Phil is Co-Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. In April, Amy Camp, Parish Associate at St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, Florida will serve as our Guest Pastor, and in April retired Pastor Eric Wogen of St. Armand’s Lutheran Church in Sarasota, Florida, will share messages.

Involving Guest Pastors on a monthly basis is a wonderful way in which to expand our reach into communities throughout the country. We appreciate their willingness to share Dial Hope with their followers and perpetuating our ministry of encouragement, inspiration, and care.