June 2014 Newsletter

Our First Grant

In January of this year, the Reverend Eric Wogen was invited to speak to the Missions and Outreach Committee at Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota, Florida. Following his presentation, the Missions and Outreach Committee extended to Dial Hope a generous grant that we might create our bookmarks in

the Spanish language. What a wonderful gift, and what a wonderful way in which to expand our ministry!!



Jean Fulton, a Dial Hope Trustee, arranged with Pastor Julio Travieso at First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota to translate the existing bookmarks we have into Spanish. Julio, with the help of two others, is now hard at work on this project.! Once they have been translated and printed, Dial Hope will initiate the distribution ofthese bookmarks with the help of Pastor Travieso and the Reverend Mario Castro, Priest Associate for Hispanic Ministry at Church of the Redeemer. We will expect to share these not just within theSarasota community, but with Spanish speaking people around the country, around the world. And it all started with just one special grant…!



Our website is and
our phone number 941-955-8929, toll
free: 866-528-4673. Deployed military
using DSN dial 809-463-3376, wait for a
dial tone, then dial the toll free number

Reaching out to our Military

In March of this year, Dial Hope received a wonderful request from Pastor Doug Dwyer, Senior Pastor of the Addisville Reformed Church in Richboro, Pennsylvania. On behalf of their Christian Education ministry, he was asking for bookmarks. The Christian Education participants were creating gift boxes for our military men and women serving overseas. Items for which they were asking included packets of stationery, travel-sized shaving cream, tooth paste, hand wipes, etc. and our Dial Hope bookmarks . What a wonderful way in which to help those serving abroad!!!

Perhaps you have a family member, a friend, or a neighbor who is currently serving in our Armed Forces, or perhaps you know someone who is working either here or abroad for our Armed Forces. Sharing words of inspiration and encouragement with these courageous, dedicated people by way of our Dial Hope bookmarks can be easily done. Just contact Stephie Safford at and she will send you whatever you need.

Rev. Dr. Glen Bell of
Sarasota, Florida


Guest Pastors

On June 16, 17, and 18 Guest Pastor Rev. Dr. Glen Bell will be sharing a Dial Hope message. Glen is Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida. On July 23, 24, and 25, Amy Camp, Director of Pastoral Ministries at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida will serve as our Guest Pastor.


Pastor Amy Lehr Camp, Director of Pastoral Ministries in St. Augustine, Florida

I LOVE Dial Hope…and while I do not always read it every day at a certain time, it is such a blessing to open this email, on my weird time schedule, and absorb its message. It has also been a real gif to be able to share these messages on occasions when I am asked to give a devotion before a meeting. Sometimes afer the meeting, fiends wil ask for a copy of what I said. It’s the perfect time to give a little commercial about Dial Hope along with a copy of the message. I should add that on numerous occasions I send the messages on to fiends who I think are in need of encouragement. It’s a great way to reach out and let someone know you’re thinking of them.

So THANK YOU! and please….don’t stop!!!. ~ Sara