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Time for God

We probably all know that we should make better use of our time—after all, time is not an unlimited commodity; it will expire for each of us. As the poet Virgil wrote: “Time flies never to be recalled.” The New Testament writer, Paul, suggests the Christian life should be distinguished by a wise use of […]

Faith in Action

To be passionately committed to our calling as Christians means that we put time and effort into whatever it is that God has called us to do. I know that we are busy people. But my experience suggests that too often we offer God what is left of our time and our talents, our money […]

Faith as a Journey

Human beings are often who they hope to become—and we often embody the qualities of the journey that we are on. I suppose that is why, to some degree, that almost every story surrounding Jesus is a story of movement—a story of Jesus embodying the qualities of his journey, a journey of sacrifice that eventually […]

The God of Freedom

The God of the Bible is a God of freedom—not bondage. Like a loving mother, like a tender father God desires the best for us. God wants us to be free from whatever may imprison us. What has you bound up, full of worry? Anxiety over a child, loved one, or spouse? Are you a […]

Miracles All Around Me

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting one of my church members. She was recovering at home after a brief stay at the hospital. I was visiting with her and she said to me, “Hunter, God is always with me. There are miracles around me and in me. If it weren’t for the Lord, […]

I Am About to Do a New Thing

The promise of new life in the Bible finds a vivid expression in the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 43:19, “I am about to do a new thing,” declares the Lord. “Do you not perceive it?” The verse, and the passage that surrounds the verse, reminds us that the Lord can make a way when the way […]