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Tiny Pencils

Mother Teresa of Calcutta taught that we should try to be tiny pencils in the hand of God. I find that a wonderful image- a tiny pencil rather than a computer, or a majestic quill pen, or a printing press. All I need to be is a tiny pencil. How many times have we lamented […]

Our True Self

There is another Hasidic proverb that says that on the Day of Judgment we will only be asked the question, “Why didn’t you become the person I created you to be?” Ignatius of Loyola says that we are like the piece of wood that cannot imagine how beautiful we will be after the sculptor has […]

Give thanks

There is a marvelous Hasidic proverb that says, “when we die and are met by the Creator we will be asked only one question. The question will not be, “Why weren’t you the Messiah?” but rather, “Why didn’t you more fully enjoy the life I gave you?” There are many books on gratitude today, but […]