Dial Hope is a 24-hour global telephone and internet ministry providing daily faith-based, non-denominational messages of encouragement, inspiration, and care. We are a resource to help people pause and reflect and pray – and draw back – reconnect to the loving Spirit of God.

The Dial Hope outreach ministry was launched on September 10, 2000. The idea was borne of a need Dr. Roger Kunkel personally felt, suffering from an illness while in Duluth, Minnesota, where he was the senior pastor of a large congregation. “One night around 3:00 a.m., I awoke with severe pain, and realized that I had no-one to call at that hour. Realizing that many other people face that same dilemma, whether because of illness, grief, sadness, financial stresses, or because of life’s many other situations, I began to develop this ministry of outreach, providing hope, support, care and inspiration,” shared Roger.

In the early days, every morning, Roger woke up religiously at 5 am and he would record an inspirational  telephone message and a prayer. The messages were uplifting and encouraging. People began to call 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

About the mid-2000’s this ministry really began to take off. Roger drew some of the brightest minds in Sarasota to help him run this growing ministry. They formed a Board of Directors and transitioned from a church based ministry to a non-profit. They also developed a website and a Facebook page, and began to offer free daily emails – with a text copy of the message.

Early on, when Roger and his wife Char would go out of town, Roger would ask his friends to stand in as Guest Pastors. One of the first Guest Pastors was Rev. Joe Albright, then the Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Sarasota.

When Roger passed away in the summer of 2011, the board of directors asked Joe to consider taking over this ministry. Roger had left them with his name. Joe responded enthusiastically. “I was deeply honored. I love this ministry and I am passionate about continuing it because I know that it touches lives.”

One of the great things about Dial Hope is that we are able to share a word of hope with people in all different places on the journey of life at any given moment.

We reach people of different faiths from all over the country and women and men in the armed forces overseas. We reach some people who use us as a daily devotional – to strengthen their spiritual life. We reach other people who don’t go to church – but who are spiritually seeking. We reach still others who are going through in difficult times, people in the hospital and in nursing homes. And it is beautiful because it is a free resource.

So how are we funded? We are completely funded by the donations of people who love Dial Hope. There are, of course, opportunities for folks to give on-line.

Today Dial Hope continues to spread “Ripples of Hope” across the country. Rev. Joe Albright continues to write and record daily messages. In addition, we have about 12 regular guest pastor contributors. They live all over the nation and represent different denominations. They bring unique perspectives on life and faith, and are a huge blessing.

Friend of Dial Hope, please call, find us on Facebook, or visit our website any time, day or night, and as often as you choose. You, too, can become a “hope-a-holic”.